Encircled Flux Cables Arden Photonics Encircled Flux mode controller cables and sacrificial test reference cords make any multimode fiber optic test kit Encircled Flux-compliant.
OTDR Fiber Rings OTDR fiber rings offer the optimal solution for testing optical fibers with an OTDR.
OTDR Dead Zone Boxes Dead zone boxes are an economical alternative to OTDR fiber rings.
Download Cables These cables connect your OWL device to your PC for data download to various OWL software programs.
Fiber Connector Cleaner Clean patch cord connectors before inserting them into equipment to prevent build-up of dirt and dust.
OC Series Pen-style In-adaptor Ferrule Cleaners Clean inside equipment and patch panel ports.
Fiber Inspection Microscopes Inspect connector endfaces for dust, dirt, and polish quality.
Universal Adapter Caps Replacement 2.5mm and 1.25mm ports for OWL optical power meters.