ABOUT OWL - By producing high quality products for over 20 years, OWL is the WISE choice in fiber test equipment. OWL has established a global reputation for quality, consistently producing accurate, user-friendly, yet affordable test equipment. OWL's factory, being located in America's Heartland, has become well accepted globally in the fiber optics industry.

OWL utilizes industry standards such as TIA, EIA, ISO/IEC, Telcordia standards, and Fiber Optic Test Procedures (FOTPs). OWL test equipment is traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology (N.I.S.T.), and are calibrated to popular industry wavelengths.

ABOUT OWL PRODUCTS - OWL’s fiber optic test equipment line includes OTDRs, OSA, PON, Optical Power Meters, ORL Meters, Test Kits, Light Sources, Talk Sets, and VFLs, as well as a range of accessories for cleaning and connectivity.

All OWL test equipment comes with a two-year limited warranty, which covers manufacturing and assembly defects. Re-calibration is reasonably priced at 60.00 dollars per unit.

WHO USES OWL METERS - Since 2000, OWL has achieved a high profile list of professional organizations that utilize OWL meters for vital test results. OWL fiber optic certification reports assure customers of the quality of service of their mission critical fiber optic networks. Below is a sample of a few high-profile organizations that use OWL fiber optic test equipment.
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