2.5mm universal port (U2.5-4)

This port allows connection to connectors with 2.5mm ferrules, such as ST, SC, and FC.

Universal Ports Video

Professor Jim Powers covers the concepts and advantages of universal ports
1.25mm universal port (U1.25-4)

This port allows connection to connectors with 1.25mm ferrules, such as LC, MU, and other SFF connectors.
OWL optical power meters take advantage of a flexible universal connector port system which allows multiple fiber optic connector styles to connect to the same port. Fiber optic connector ferrules come in two common sizes: 2.5mm (for ST, SC, FC, etc.) or 1.25mm (LC, MU, and other SFF connectors). A universal adapter cap is available for each ferrule size.

What gives our universal port its flexibility is that only the ferrule is inserted into the port. Since there is no latching mechanism to speak of, most connectors can connect to this port as long as the ferrule size matches the adapter cap.

Each cap is designed so that once the ferrule is completely inserted, the cone of acceptance from a fiber connector falls completely onto the photodetector, regardless of how the connector may turn, twist, or wiggle in the port. Because of this, you can be assured that the optical power reading will always be accurate.

By allowing connection to multiple connector types, OWL’s universal port method minimizes costs and maintenance requirements.

Please call our knowledgeable technical staff at 262-473-0643 with any questions you may have about our universal ports or any of our other fiber optic test products.

Part #  Description Price 
U2.5-4  Replacement 2.5mm universal adapter 35.00 
U1.25-4  Replacement 1.25mm universal adapter 35.00