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Description: Covers the basic concept of setting a reference for optical loss testing, and the different reference methods used to set a reference.

Pause the video after each objective to answer the review questions below.

A1: Light source
A2: Optical power meter
A3: Reference point
A4: Zeroing

A1: One milliwatt
A2: Positive
A3: Negative
A4: Zero
A5: Zero

A1: Optical power
A2: Optical loss
A3: Zeroing
A4: dB

A1: Reference method
A2: Three
A3: 1-jumper, 2-jumper, 3-jumper
A4: 1-jumper

A1: Two; one on each end
A2: Less measurement error, and better measurement accuracy
A3: Yes, if the open connector can directly connect to the power meter.
A4: Home run cabling