Q: What is an OTDR dead zone?
Q: What is the difference between "event dead zone" and "attenuation dead zone"?
Q: How do I counter the effect of OTDR dead zones?
Q: What is a dead-zone box/fiber ring/pulse suppressor box?
Q: What happens if I don't use an OTDR launch cable?

Video #: C1007

Video #: M1004
Q: How can I learn more about OWLTrek series OTDRs? Video #: M1003

Video #: M1002


Video #: M1006

Video #: M1017
(Quad Kit OTDR)
Q: Is a high dynamic range really necessary for multimode OTDRs? Video #: M1007
Q: What are the different OTDR trace parameters?
Q: How do I set these parameters in OWLTrek series OTDRs?
Q: What if I don't know the correct index of refraction for the fiber under test?
Video #: T1018
Q: What are cursors?
Q: What are cursors used for?
Q: How do I move the cursors?
Q: Why are there different colors for text below the OTDR trace?
Q: Can I zoom in/out on on the trace?
Q: Where do I place the cursors for different types of measurements?
Q: What is an "event" on an OTDR trace?
Q: What are the different types of events?
Q: What exactly is being measured when analyzing a particular event?
Video #: T1019
Q: Can traces be stored in the OWLTrek OTDR?
Q: Can I name the traces?
Q: How do I retrieve stored traces?
Q: How do I delete stored traces?
Video #: T1020
Q: How do I set the user name and phone number in OWLTrek OTDRs?
Q: How can I adjust LCD screen settings, such as brightness or screen-saver?
Q: How can I adjust battery-saving power functions?
Video #: T1021
Q: How do I clean the optical ports on the OTDR?
Q: Are there any special instructions for cleaning the outside of the OTDR?
Video #: T1022
Q: What is LIVE MODE?
Q: What is LIVE MODE used for?
Q: How do I set up LIVE MODE to view traces on a PC screen?
Video #: T1047
Q: How do I activate the Visual Fault Locator option in the OWLTrek OTDR? Video #: T1049
Q: How do I measure the length of optical fibers?
Q: What is the difference between reflective and "round robin" length measurement?
Video #: T1052
Q: What is "saturation inversion"?
Q: What causes saturation inversion?
Q: What can I do to fix a trace that shows saturation inversion?
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