OWLView for OTDR Software

Version: v2.6.42 (includes USB Driver, PDF documentation, and help videos)
File size: 256.3 MB
Updated: September 22, 2017

2.6.7: Includes user-definable event loss/reflectance thresholds and users can toggle events on and off
2.6.6: Reports now print out with the zoom level that was shown on the screen when the trace was printed
Users can manually set cursor positions so that the far end connection (when using a receive, or "landing", cable) can be included in end-to-end link loss measurement
NOTE: files created and/or saved in version 2.6.5 and later cannot be opened with earlier software versions

Checks for negative link length conditions
Added user-definable fiber name and fiber length fields
2.4.4: Added "Next/Previous Trace" buttons to toolbar
2.4.0: Enhanced support for SOR file format
2.3.12: Fixes issue with batch report printing
2.3.10: Fixes issue that caused some OTDR traces to not open
2.3.9: Enhanced dual-wavelength SOR export function
2.3.5: Batch processing of OWL OTDR files into .SOR version 2 file format
2.3.2: enhanced cursor analysis functionality
2.2.4 (05-29-12): added clickable event videos and PDF help files
2.2.4: includes updated OTDR manual and OWL test equipment catalog, and addresses possible conflicts with non-standard COM port names on certain PCs
2.2.0: includes updated operations manual
2.1.15: additional help functionality is in the process of being implemented. Right-clicking on trace events, or clicking on event table icons, will pop up a menu showing different help options for the selected event, in the form of PDF file or video. Video and PDF help files are currently unavailable, but will be added as they become available. Check back often for updates.