OWL Reporter software is used to download data saved in our Fiber OWL 4, Fiber OWL 2, Micro OWL, and WaveTester series optical power meters, and print professional certification reports based on downloaded data. Click the link below to download the most current OWL Reporter software.

OWL Reporter v2.9.8 (full download; 125.4MB) (includes OWL Reporter program, product documentation, and USB drivers)
  • full download includes USB driver support for Windows OS up to Windows 10 (Windows 2000 not supported)
WINDOWS 8/10 USERS: if an error appears when trying to load the USB driver on Windows 8 or Windows 10, follow the link below for more information:

Installing Windows 8/10 USB drivers for Fiber OWL 4, Fiber OWL 2, Micro OWL, and WaveTester Optical Power Meters

Merging OWL Reporter Data  Files Video
OWL Reporter v2.9.8 (OWL Reporter program only; 33.4MB)
  • Summary View reports now include 24 records per page to coincide with 24-strand fibers
Previous updates:
  • fixes issue with saving information in the Link Comment field
  • includes OWL Reporter file merge function
  • includes the ability to delete all readings for the currently highlighted Link ID, rather than one reading at a time
  • includes user-configurable Date of Test input when downloading stored readings from WaveTester optical power meters
  • supports all models and versions of Fiber OWL, Micro OWL, and WaveTester optical power meters, and includes Data Access Objects (DAO) support
  • updates include: enhanced circuit detail reports and link budget support
  • addresses issue where certain USB to serial adapters publish COM ports above COM20; OWL Reporter now scans COM ports up to COM256
  • includes support for toggling temperature between Fahrenheit and Celcius